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“Bait & Switch” -- A tactic that exploits “emotional loopholes” and literally forces your target to instantly fall under your almost hypnotic influence (he or she will literally become a puppet...)
“Hoovering” -- Sometimes people will detect your attempts to manipulate them, and they will leave your “influence sphere.” With this amazingly effective method, people who try to outsmart you will get back in your influence zone... like sheep.
“Micromanaging your way to total control” -- This one is one of my favorites, and if you apply it correctly, you’ll exert complete domination over ANY target (think about that girl who’s driving you crazy, your stupid boss making your life impossible at work, potential clients who’re not sure about doing business with you...etc.).
“Gaslighting” -- A critical dark mind control technique that’s almost illegal. Don’t worry, you can use it ONLY if you promise to use it with care. Gaslighting is probably the weapon of choice if you’d like to make your target question his reasoning and perception of reality. He or she will inevitably (and firmly) believe that you’re right, and will trust you for direction.
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How to deploy and implement the under-the-radar, persuasion-booster “love bombing” method -- You see, most persuasion and manipulation techniques revolve around “being cold” or being “dark.” Not this one. You’ll be able to flood your target with effusive “love,” and that will allow you to literally control everyone.
“Devaluation” -- A knock-out method that sucks up the confidence in your target, leaving him or her vulnerable. In that state of mind, you can increase your influence and take control in a dead easy way (as easy as stealing candy from a baby...).
How to play the victim and turn the tables in YOUR favor. This is probably the most powerful trick in the book, use it with care...
“Hoovering” -- Sometimes people will detect your attempts to manipulate them, and they will leave your “influence sphere.” With this amazingly effective method, people who try to outsmart you will get back in your influence zone... like sheep.
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