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REMEMBER: You quickly and easily deploy these techniques and watch in amazement how people suddenly start paying ATTENTION to you and doing whatever you want them to do...

Inside you’ll learn:

What really motivates people, and WHY they do the things they do... you’ll understand -- in a crystal-clear way -- the FIRST step to total persuasion and mind control!
How to unleash and correctly apply dark control techniques and strategies that will allow you to take control of any situation and make it favorable to you.
Several controversial and hush-hush psychological persuasive techniques that you can use today, that will give you TOTAL power to persuade literally anyone to obey your commands almost blindly...
How to ALWAYS turn the odds in your favor, while making people think that it was their idea
6 “Dark Principles” that, once deployed, will earn you the status of “master persuader”
11 proven psy-ops methods that will help you enter any room and be seen as the true authority who everyone will admire and respect.
A devastatingly powerful subliminal psychology tool for mind control that’s guaranteed to “hijack” people’s actions and decision-making processes!
“The mental image” trick, and the right way to use simple words to paint images in people’s minds that will stir up emotions that you can take advantage of...
Why telling people they’re wrong is a fatal move, and why you should avoid this at any cost if you want to influence people and win hearts and minds
A covert strategy to get rid of any mental barriers a stubborn person would put up... you’ll cut through objections like a hot knife through butter.
How to control, manipulate and persuade literally ANYONE with a mental “ego-feeding” method used by highly successful individuals who use it in both their business and personal lives.
Instantly detect “mental weakness” and turn it into your most powerful ally
Command immediate attention, and make everyone cling to every single word that comes out of your mouth...
How to convey irresistible ideas and “plant a seed” in people’s minds, so that they slowly start to believe that “it’s the only choice they have”
Gain absolute control over every social interaction you’re part of, and get anything from anyone... whenever you want!
Unlock the immense power of covert persuasion in relationships -- you’ll be able to make everyone like, respect, love and admire you as easy as 1, 2, 3.
You can almost effortlessly influence anyone with 12 incredibly effective, well-guarded and undetectable mind control techniques that will give you endless psychological “super powers”
When the time comes, you’ll discover how you can protect yourself from other people attempting to persuade and manipulate you. You’ll immediately spot hidden intentions and dark persuasion techniques!
How you can radically CHANGE your life and become the person you’ve always wanted to be, whether it’s in your business or personal life!
An out-of-this-world trick to catch your targets off guard, and immediately turn a negative situation into a favorable one.
And much, much more...

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